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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#278 make sure all utilities use HDF5 as default (when available) new Unassigned defect major 4.3.0
#279 index.html in bindings/java and napi-java.xml in defintions out of sync new Unassigned defect major
#280 fails to build using gcc-4.6 closed Tobias Richter defect major
#282 Add methods "readData()" that directly open the data and fill a vector of given type. closed Janik Zikovsky enhancement major
#286 Remove warnings closed Peter Peterson defect major NeXus 4.2 Ready
#287 drop support for hdf1.6 and move to using 1.8 api closed Tobias Richter defect major 4.3.0
#288 Autoconf improvements closed Peter Peterson defect major NeXus 4.2 Ready
#290 use hdf5 external linking closed Tobias Richter enhancement major
#291 Add man pages closed Peter Peterson enhancement major NeXus 4.2 Ready
#292 Split rpm package into multiple sections closed Freddie Akeroyd enhancement major 4.3.0
#293 move documentation about Fortran77 interface into source code closed Unassigned task major 4.3.0
#294 Merge changes from Mantid to main nexus trunk closed Janik Zikovsky task major 4.3.0
#295 4.2 branch not building closed Freddie Akeroyd defect major
#326 nxvalidate and nxconvert crash on Windows 7 new Freddie Akeroyd defect major NeXus 4.3 Ready
#289 hamonise error messages closed Unassigned enhancement trivial
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