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You can browse this site anonymously, but to submit issues you must first Login using your NeXusWiki username and password. Please note that:

  • If your Wiki username contains a space, write it with a space (i.e. do not replace the space with an _ )
  • You cannot use a "temporary password" (i.e. one that was emailed to you in response to a request). You must first log into the NeXusWiki with the temporary password and then go to account preferences section and change the password.
  • Your Wiki account must have an email address associated with it and this address must have been validated. To provide and/or validate your email address, log in and go to your account preferences.
  • If you have login problems and have not changed your password since 20th October 2006, please go to the WIKI password reset page and request to be emailed a new password. To synchronise TRAC/Subversion/MediaWiki required some changes to the autentication system which will have invalidated passwords set prior to that date.

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All ticket update messages are posted to the nexus-code-tickets mailing list, which you can subscribe to. An archive of these posting is kept at

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